【AMD展示Zen架构CPU性能:超越Broadwell-E】AMD : Zen Outperforms Intel’s Broadwell-E CPUs




The Zen Microarchitecture In A Nutshell【Zen架构概观】

AMD’s brand new Zen core features a significantly wider execution engine than anything we’ve seen before from the company. Leveraging simultaneous multi threading and a micro-op queue to boost throughput and single threaded performance.  This combined with a brand new, low latency cache sub-system and a new set of pre-fetch algorithms result in a dramatic instruction per clock improvement and doubling of throughput per core compared to AMD’s previous 8 Piledriver FX 8300 series CPUs.



High Level View:【概观】

  • Two threads per core【单核双线程】
  • 8 MB shared L3 cache【共享8M L3】
  • Large, unified L2 cache【大容量共享L2】
  • Micro-op Cache【微指令缓存】
  • Two AES units for security【两个AES加密单元】
  • 14nm FinFET Transistors【14nm FinFET工艺】

AMD : Zen Outperforms Intel’s High-End Broadwell-E CPUs


Zen Performance Demo vs Intel’s $1000 Broadwell-E i7 6900X

【Zen性能展示Demo vs 6900K】

During the event AMD treated the audience to the very first public, real-world performance showdown featuring Zen and a contemporary competing Intel high-end enthusiast class CPU. The demo involved two similarly specced PCs one configured with an eight core, 16 thread Zen engineering sample clocked at 3.0Ghz and the other configured a with an eight core, 16 thread Intel Broadwell-E processor also clocked at 3.0Ghz.



Both systems started the same Blender render session at the same time and the Zen CPU was actually able to finish first. This marks the very first time that we have seen an AMD CPU outshine an Intel CPU in instructions per clock in more than a decade. Outperforming the Intel CPU core for core, and clock for clock. That demo represents a truly historic moment for AMD.

【两套系统的耗时都差不多,实际上Zen更先完成这标志着近十年来,AMD CPU的IPC首次赶上了Intel。在规格相同,频率相同的情况下,性能超过了Intel的高端,这对于AMD来说代表着一个历史性时刻。

The key takeaways here are【关键点】

? Zen has better or equivalent IPC to Intel’s highest performing desktop CPUs yet, Broadwell-E.【Zen的IPC比Intel目前的顶级产品BDW-E更高,或者持平】

? AMD states that 8 core, 16 thread Zen CPUs will scale to frequencies beyond 3.0Ghz.【AMD说8核16线程的Zen CPU将会把频率提到3.0GHz以上】

【之前曝光的ES版95W  八核加速3.05GHz显然不够看】

The first desktop systems featuring 7th Generation AMD A-Series processors and new AM4 sockets will ship in the second half of 2016 in OEM PC designs. AMD AM4 platform key technology features include DDR4 Memory, PCIe Gen 3, USB 3.1 Gen2 10Gbps, NVMe and SATA Express. This is all that a modern desktop needs.

【AM4插槽的第七代APU将会在今年晚些时候出货。AM4平台带来了DDR4内存,PCIE3.0,USB3.1 Gen2 10Gbps,NVMe和SATA Express。】


Bringing this to a close, it’s clear that AMD’s is doing a lot of things right with Zen. Pushing IPC and power efficiency to where they need to be. Building a comprehensive modern platform and bringing much needed updates to the feature-set. Creating an attractive value proposition for desktop users, servers and notebooks. All the ingredients to make Zen a success are here, all that’s left is for AMD to execute and deliver. The mere prospect that enthusiasts may actually have AMD CPUs as a worthwile option again for the first time in a decade come this October is refreshing. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll finally be able to say “AMD’s back”.

【很明显,在Zen上AMD做了很多正确的决定 – 拔高IPC,提升效能,还带来了功能全面提升的新平台,使得Zen对于桌面、笔记本、服务器用户都会有吸引力。使得Zen成功的调料都已经摆好了,剩下的就是等AMD调制好端上来了。AMD可能再次成为硬件发烧友眼中的高性价比平台。】



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