代号”Chagall”,AMD Threadripper 5000系列预计于8月份发布


根据多个来源消息,备受期待的Zen 3架构Threadripper 5000系列HEDT CPU的发布时间可能会定在8月份。Threadripper 5000代号为“Chagall”,可以看作已经发布的Zen 3 EPYC Milan的HEDT版本。

【According to multiple sources, the long-awaited Zen 3-based Threadripper 5000 series is expected to launch in August. Threadripper 5000 is codenamed “Chagall” (not Genesis Peak), which can be regarded as the HEDT sibling of EPYC Milan.】

Chagall接替Castle Peak,也就是现存的Threadripper 3000系列。主要差别在于Zen 2 → Zen 3架构,和单CCX 16MB → 32MB 统一L3上。

【Chagall succeeds the existing TR3000 series “Castle Peak”. Main differences are architecture upgrades from Zen 2 to Zen 3, and a unified 32MB L3 cache within a CCX.】

核心数,内存,PCIe通道 IO等方面均没有变化。毕竟Milan的IOD只是小改,xGMI2提升至18GT/s,其余不变。

【There are no changes to core count, memory channels and IO. (ofc) Well, very little changes were done to Milan’s sIOD besides faster 18GT/s xGMI2 links.】


【I’m not sure if there will be refreshed new boards ready at launch.】

至于AMD日前发布的3D V-Cache,可以确定不会在Chagall上登场。3D V-Cache Q4 PRQ,年底才会投产。

【As for that shiny-new 3DV$ launched at ComputeX, it won’t be present on Chagall. Earliest PRQ schedule is at least Q4, and production is EOY.】


【Just like Milan with SP3 (gen2) boards, Chagall will be a drop-in upgrade with current TRX40 motherboards, but you still need an updated BIOS to support it.】


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