AMD RTG领袖 Raja Koduri 宣布辞职


昨天AMD刚宣布与Intel合作的大新闻,今天另一则令人措手不及的消息又从AMD传出。AMD RTG(Radeon Technologies Group)领导者,SVP兼首席架构师的Raja Koduri宣布辞职,明天生效。




To my AMD family,

Forty is a significant number in history.  It is a number representing transition, testing and change. I have just spent forty days away from the office going through such a transition. It was an important time with my family, and it also offered me a rare space for reflection. During this time I have come to the extremely difficult conclusion that it is time for me to leave RTG and AMD.


I have no question in my mind that RTG, and AMD, are marching firmly in the right direction as high-performance computing becomes ever-more-important in every aspect of our lives.  I believe wholeheartedly in what we are doing with Vega, Navi and beyond, and I am incredibly proud of how far we have come and where we are going. The whole industry has stood up and taken notice of what we are doing. As I think about how computing will evolve, I feel more and more that I want to pursue my passion beyond hardware and explore driving broader solutions.

I want to thank Lisa and the AET for enabling me to pursue my passion during the last four years at AMD, and especially the last two years with RTG. Lisa has my utmost respect for exhibiting the courage to enable me with RTG, for believing in me and for going out of her way to support me.  I would also like to call out Mark Papermaster who brought me into AMD, for his huge passion for technology and for his relentless support through many difficult phases.  And of course, I want to thank each and every one of my direct staff and my indirect staff who have worked so hard with me to build what we have now got.  I am very proud of the strong leaders we have and I’m fully confident that they can execute on the compelling roadmap ahead.
【感谢Lisa和AET在这4年里让自己追求自己的激情,特别是在RTG的后两年。Lisa Su让Raja带领RTG,信任他,并以自己的方式支持他,Raja对她很敬重。还有把Raja带回AMD的Mark Papermaster,也给了他很大支持。以及对每个员工的付出表示感谢。相信领导人能把路线图执行下去。

I will continue to be an ardent fan and user of AMD technologies for both personal and professional use.

As I mentioned, leaving AMD and RTG has been an extremely difficult decision for me.  But I felt it is the right one for me personally at this point.  Time will tell.  I will be following with great interest the progress you will make over the next several years.

【离开AMD和RTG是个艰难的决定,但个人认为当前是最好的选择。Time will tell.】

On a final note, I have asked a lot of you in the last two years.  You’ve always delivered.  You’ve made me successful both personally and professionally, for which I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  I have these final requests from you as I leave:


. Stay focused on the roadmap!【专注于路线图】
. Deliver on your commitments!【兑现承诺】
. Continue the culture of Passion, Persistence and Play!【继续Passion, Persistence and Play的企业文化
. Make AMD proud!【让AMD为之骄傲】
. Make me proud!【让我为之骄傲】




Earlier today, we announced two unrelated updates for our Radeon Technologies Group: 1) Raja Koduri has decided to leave AMD and 2) we are taking the next steps in our work to strengthen RTG by further focusing the organization on key growth areas.

【1.Raja决定离开AMD  2.AMD正通过在重要增长地区的组织上进一步加强RTG】

I wanted to also make sure you understood these updates do not impact our plans or the strategic direction we are driving our graphics business.   We appreciate the contributions Raja has made helping establish our dedicated graphics focus and  strong team that is capable of accomplishing the ambitious goals we have set for this part of our business.  Also want to make sure it is clear that there are no changes to our public product or technology graphics roadmaps, and we remain on track to deliver on our commitments in 2018 and beyond. Lisa will continue to lead RTG on an interim basis while we complete our search for a new leader.

We have made significant progress across AMD these past two years delivering the first wave of our high-performance products, best exemplified by our improved financial performance and year-over-year market share gains across all of our client, graphics and server products. Today’s changes are designed to allow us to better take advantage of the significant growth opportunities in front of us.



Raja Koduri休假至12月,Lisa Su接管RTG



虽然AMD强调这不会影响RTG路线图,但他的辞职无疑会在RTG和GPU界掀起波澜。自从两年前AMD对图形部门重组并创立RTG以来,Raja Koduri一直都是RTG的领导者(可以把他看做AMD图形业务的CEO),受报道最多,责任也最重大。Raja领导了AMD图形业务硬件和软件的方方面面。由于各种场合的抛头露面和媒体报道,他俨然已经成为AMD图形业务的代言人。




很多人有这样的疑问:Raja的辞职是否和Vega发布有关。虽然Vega 10使得AMD重返高端市场,但竞争力方面没有达到AMD和A饭们的预期,有些硬件功能到现在还没启用。在经历Vega说不上顺利的发布后,辞职不大寻常,但也不是不可能。关于AMD内部是怎样的想法我们尚不知晓,一切都是外人的揣测。



至于AMD和RTG的未来,自从Raja休假开始起,CEO Lisa Su就一直在管理RTG。AMD也确认不会改变计划,在找到新领袖前Lisa Su会继续负责RTG。同时AMD官方也称,将加大对游戏和服务器GPU业务的投入。在这些领域,Vega只是开始,但更多的资源会带来更好的回报。





切实消息: Raja去了Intel。新职位是首席架构师兼核心与视觉计算集团SVP&GM,将着眼拓展Intel图形产品线,提供高端独显解决方案。



原作者:Ryan Smith



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  1. “虽然AMD强调这不会不影响RTG路线图,
    via:MoePC.net, 地址:http://www.moepc.net/?post=3509”

  2. 这意思。。。intel这几年GPU性能要大幅度增长了???

  3. 第一次反黄包围网已经成形,现在任何能遏制NV的力量对整个业界都是有利的,Intel可能是出于这种考虑

    1. @ssnitrousoxide:如果我是intel老板,nv的威胁比amd要大太多了,一个是出了新产品股价仍然在十几美元徘徊的小企业,一个是市值疯狂上涨的大公司(是的,千亿美元已经是巨大的体量了),当然是解决眼下的威胁。而问题是拉贾能不能有这个能力促成两个对手的合作

  4. AI两家刚刚宣布合作生产咖啡湖+Vega芯片,怕不是派过去帮助Intel开发带Vega的芯片。

    1. @键:完全错了。都是上代的产品。KabyLake+Polaris。不要轻易相信传闻

  5. 已經證實是跳槽Intel了:https://newsroom.intel.com/news-releases/raja-koduri-joins-intel/

      1. @剧毒术士马文:Raja走了,如果不是合作而是intel独立的图形部门,那amd不是多了个竞争对手吗

        1. @hypnusw:可以这么说,具体的分析晚上会有文章

  6. 祝福阿三在新的岗位上续写奇迹

  7. 吆西!喜大普奔!看看Vega的表现,他早该滚蛋了。–一个真实AFAN的心声。

    1. @Ceracera:虽然Vega不成功,但是RTG给AMD其他业务都带来了生机,尤其是半定制业务。

  8. 祝福Raja,希望他在新的岗位上(据说是Intel)工作顺利。

  9. amd显卡需要一个即懂技术又懂市场的CEO,拉贾可能是技术天才,然而却学不会amd在cpu上犯过的错误:当在竞赛中处于下风时,不要过度轻信奇兵的作用。Vega10在市场上比Fiji赢得了更多的销量,然而并没有挽回amd显卡在市场的整体缺位。一别两宽,希望下一个领导者能如同Lisa Su一样拥有远见卓识吧

    1. @在amd看大门:以AMD现在的能力,需要设计的是均衡而非偏科的产品。

      1. @轮子妈:Vega10不过是想创造出又适合玩家又适合通用计算的芯片而已,问题是到现在也没明白多出来的晶体管是干嘛的,为什么不改进饱受争议的光栅引擎,amd可以承受亏损,但承受不起折腾

        1. @在amd看大门:晶体管的作用可不光是提升性能,有时候增加晶体管的目的是降低功耗

      2. @轮子妈:老实说以AMD现在的实力不应该做均衡的产品而是舍计算选图形 Vega才是哪里都不出彩的“均衡”产品


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