AMD Zen 5 代号”Strix Point” 将采用big.LITTLE架构,使用3nm制程

如标题。关于Zen 4/Phoenix的消息,网上已经很多。Zen 4的总体IPC (+2x%),各平台核心数以及集显性能已经差不多定下来了(毕竟是明年要出的东西,launch window暂不透露),没什么新鲜的东西可讲。AMD Zen 5 codenamed “Strix Point” will feature big.LITTLE architecture on 3nm node. As for Zen4, there’s already plenty of info out there like IPC uplift, CC for the platforms and iGPU performance. Well Zen 4 is scheduled for 2022 and launch window is mostly set so…

目前来看架构下一次大改是Zen 5,单数改架构双数小幅迭代/换工艺的节奏。
Next huge microarchitectrue revamp for AMD is Zen 5. They do uarch changes in odd-number cores, node and small iteration for even-numbered cores (might not be the case for Zen 4 *wink wink*).

Zen 5的APU代号为“Strix Point”, 暂属Ryzen 8000系列。将采用big.LITTLE架构(比如Intel的ADL和RPL),8大核 Zen 5 + 4小核 Zen 4D,预计发布时间2024年。
Zen 5 APU “Strix Point” belongs to Ryzen 8000 series (at the time of writing), and it will adopt big.LITTLE like Intel’s Alder Lake and Raptor Lake, with 8 big Zen 5 cores and 4 little Zen 4D cores. It’s scheduled to be launched in 2024.

Strix Point将采用TSMC N3制程制造。N3 目前的日程是2021年内试产,2022H2 HVM. 当然首批采用肯定会是Apple….
Strix Point will be manufactured on TSMC N3. N3 is currently scheduled to carry out risk production within 2021 and targeting HVM in 2022H2.

STX将采用MCM封装,不会再是单die。Strix Point实际上是IOD的代号。

Strix Point will be MCM. No more monolithic. Strix Point is actually the codename of the IOD.

集显的性能target 已经基本定下(暂不透露)。
iGPU performace target for Strix Point is basically set (I’m not disclosing this time).

目前可以知道的是,Zen 5的内存子系统会有比较大的变化。会有新的L4缓存作为SLC。
AFAIK, memory subsystem for Zen 5 will have bigger changes. There will be a new L4 cache which I expect to be SLC (system level cache).

因为Warhol没了,Zen 3 XT/Refresh 会拿来顶 Ryzen 6000系列,不过发布时间会晚一些,Zen 4 = Ryzen 7000,Zen 5 = Ryzen 8000
Due to cancellation of Warhol, Zen 3 XT/Refresh will be Ryzen 6000 series, Zen 4 for Ryzen 7000 and Zen 5 for Ryzen 8000 series.

It’s still too early to talk about 2024 platforms. And you bet it there will be specification changes during the course.




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